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Nashville based, Colombian loom artist Marcela Castano Vélez, 1977  started her artistic career in 1990 in her hometown, Medellin. She complimented her weaving passion with a B.A. in Industrial Design.


Her looms represent the connection she has with wool at all levels, which she worked with since her childhood at her family’s sheep farm.

Marcela curtsies the looms, and their unlimited possibilities of transformation at her own hands. This technique has been passed on in her family for generations.

It was in Nashville, 2015, where she experienced some life changes that inspired her to start working with tridimensional structures, she calls these “loom sculptures.” Inspired in the constant union of the loom and the frame. It was recently when she started the incursion into the creative writing scene, and her texts now complement her art, and the concept she has for every art piece. Giving the beholder the opportunity to immerse in magical and mystical worlds and sensations that go beyond the simple touch through the movement, the textures, and the writings.

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