Marcela is a Colombian loom artist, the tapestries and decorative implements that she makes express the connection she feels with wool, which she has carried since her childhood at her family’s raising sheep farm.  From a very early age, she’s had a reverence and love for wool and its unlimited ways of transforming into new creations in her own hands. An art form that has been handed down in her family from generation to generation.

Her artistic career started in Medellìn - Colombia in the early 1990s, as a way to escape the violence happening in her city by that time. She complemented her passion for creating art with a bachelor's degree in industrial design, which became her best ally by giving her the power of telling stories while sharing the concepts of her art through the shapes, textures, and colors.

Marcela creates intricate handmade pieces that captivate one's attention and stimulate the senses. Her art can be commissioned to help her costumers express themselves through her loom, by giving them the possibility of enriching their spaces with character and creativity, with unique pieces that are budget-friendly.

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