Marcela Castaño Vélez, is a Colombian textile artist based in Nashville. She is dedicated to weave tapestries and loom sculptures that represent the connection she has with wool at all levels, which she has been working with since her childhood at her family’s sheep farm.

Through her art, she weaves together narratives that reflect her personal experiences, cultural roots, and the beauty of the natural world. Marcela's artistic journey goes beyond the textile medium. As a creative writer, she complements her art with thoughtful texts that further enhance the meaning and emotional depth of her creations.

Her words serve as a bridge, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the stories behind each piece and fostering a deeper connection with her art.

In addition to her artistic career, Marcela is a certified Art Therapist, recognizing the power of artistic expression. She passionately shares her knowledge and skills by leading inspiring textile workshops for the local community. Through these workshops, she encourages others to explore their own creativity, find healing, and cultivate a deeper appreciation for textile art.